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At Organic Day Spa, we’re committed to use only the highest quality products and maintaining the best sanitation and disinfection procedures possible in order to offer you a safe & comfortable environment. For your convenience, we have described our daily sanitation procedures for many of the materials and implements that you come in contact with throughout our services. If you have any questions regarding our sanitation procedures, please do not hesitate to ask.

Metal Implements:
Metal implements are scrubbed with a clean nail brush and anti-bacterial soap, rinsed and placed in an EPA registered Hospital-grade disinfectant for a minimum of ten minutes and sterilized in an autoclave. The nail brush is then rinsed and disinfected as well. The disinfectant is changed regularly so that the solution is always a clear blue indicating it is still effective.

Pedicure Wash Tubs & Disposable Liners:
Here at Organic Day Spa, we use top of the line pipe-less spa chair to prevent circulation of bacteria. Besides the procedures to disinfect the tubs after each client, we also follow the state board of cosmetology instruction to disinfect the pedicure wash tubs at the end of each day. Every pedicure chair is equipped with disposable liner for each service and customer to avoid the chance of bacteria from spreading.